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Save the Date Cards designed by Amor Designs.

Our range of elegant Save The Date Cards are the perfect introduction to announce your upcoming wedding or special event.
Save The Date Cards are also called "preliminary invitations" and they are sent to your guests before wedding invitations to inform your guests about the date of your wedding.

When do I send out my Save the Date Cards?

If you opt to give your guests a save the date card, the ideal time to post would be 10 to 12 months before your wedding date. This time allows you and your wedding attendees to plan for your special day. Save the dates are ideal for sending to guests you are inviting that reside abroad, so they can make the necessary arrangements to plan Flights, accommodation, purchase their wedding outfit. Save the dates are also perfect for sending well in advance so your guests can plan time off for holidays, the baby sitter and so they can shop well in advance for their wedding outfits. There are several reasons you would send a save the date, but if you are thinking of sending one out, please do so well in advance.

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