luxury wedding breakfast menus

wedding menus

We can design your wedding breakfast menu in the same style as your wedding invitations and other stationery so that everything will coordinate nicely at the wedding reception. Traditionally the Breakfast menu is the meal straight after the Ceremony, and it is named Breakfast menu because traditionally the wedding party would fast before the Ceremony, and this would be the Bride Grooms wedding couples first meal, however nowadays it is not usually a morning meal, but more a feast for the newlyweds and their guests.

You will need to liaise with your wedding venue about the type of food available, whether you would like formal dining or informal dining. It is fun choosing a menu, and most wedding venues should give you the option to have a wedding tasting session, which is where you will get to try several meals to make sure you select the right menu options for you and your guests.

wedding breakfast gallery

A luxurious collection of wedding breakfast menus designed to match our wedding invitations and other stationery to give you an idea on the type of design we can create to coordinate with your scheme, you may choose to have the same decorative design or something less extravagant.